Christina Noland (Vavelides) studied acting in Rose Bruford College in London, UK and has worked in London, Athens and Los Angeles. Christina is a qualified Greek solicitor. She is an award-winning writer and has worked as an actor as well as a casting director for a number of international film and TV series. She has also held positions within the PR department of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Christina currently works as a director in affiliation with the production company NOLAND FILM. Christina's main focus is acting.

In 2015, Christina Noland founded ICDA workshops with a mission in promoting theatre and cinema in Greece and abroad. ICDA organised for the first time in Greece a series of English speaking seminars and workshops aimed at guiding and advising professional actors and acting students in Athens on their career goals. The workshops equip actors with the skills to create a great impression and have successful interactions with international cinema, theatre and TV professionals and prepare them for auditions and castings abroad.


Christina Noland (Vavelides)

Height: 5.7  Eyes: Hazel  Hair: Brown  Build: Slim  Playing Age: 24-34

Skills: Founder of International Casting Directors in Athens, TV Presenting, Voice Over, Computer Literate, Drama Workshop Leader, Improvisation, Acting Coach, Choreography, Freestyle Dance, Greek Dancing, Jazz Dance, Swimming, Mezzo-Soprano, Singing, Knowledgeable in Ancient Greek, Car Driving Licence.

Accents:  American-Standard, Argentinean, East European, French, Greek, Italian, Latin American, Mexican, Polish, Portuguese, RP, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

Languages:  English, French, German, Greek (native)


2017, Feature Film, LIVE WITH PASSION. LIVE WITH ME., ATripp2Noland, Christina Vavelidou

2016, Feature Film, Eleni, WHERE IS GOD, Seven Coal Productions, Morteza Jafari

2016, Feature Film, Kate,  LIKE NOWHERE, ATripp2Noland Film, Christina Vavelidou

2015, Feature Film, The Dancer, THE FINAL PAY OFF, Desmida Visual Creations , Alexander Leontaritis

2013, Feature Film, The Psychiatrist, GREEN FISH, Art Team Productions, Spentzos Film, John Paraskevopoulos

2012, Feature Film, Horse Race Award Presenter, O ANNIVAS PRO TON PILON, CL Productions, Elissavet Chronopoulou

2009, Feature Film, Prasini, PSYHI VATHIA, Village Roadshow Pictures, Pantelis Voulgaris

2006, Feature Film, Sara,  MR FRAUD, Abbas Mastans Productions, Abbas Alibhai - Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla

2009, Television, Lena, STEPS, Studio ATA/ANT1, Chris Georgiou

2007, Television, The Secretary, LIFE AGAIN, Alpha TV/PLD Productions, Nikolaidis Yorgos

2016, Short Film, Artemis, RENASCENTIA, ATripp2Noland Film, Christina Vavelidou

2016, Short Film, Prometheus, PROMETHEUS, ATripp2Noland Film, Christina Vavelidou

2016, Katerina, I left my heart in Florence, ATripp2Noland Film, Christina Vavelidou

2016, Woman, STAND STILL, ATripp2Noland Film, Christina Vavelidou

2016, Short Film, T 2 HK, Christina, T 2 HK, ATripp2Noland Film, Christina Vavelidou

2015, Short Film, Woman in Grey, WAITING , The Wright Way Productions, Kamran Kureshi

2015, Short Film, Ambrosia, AMBROSIA , The Wright Way Productions, Iannis Aliferis

2014, Short Film, Isidora, WE ARE ALL IN CRISIS.  

2012, Short Film, Girl In Love, THE UNANSWERED LETTERS TO ANASTAS CHARALAMPIDIS, Noland Film, Christina Noland

2011, Short Film, Daughter, WILL HE PAY, Dimitris Tranos

2009, Short Film, Nun, ADAM EVE NOT GUILTY, Soonil Lee

2008, Short Film, Presenter/Cheesestrings, DOWNSIDE DOWN 101, Profilm Productions, Paul Munden

2007, Short Film, Laura, TAXIMAN, Stollywood Productions, Henrik Norrthon

2007, Short Film, Elena, HARD RAIN, LFS, Verity Healey

2006, Short Film, Christine, ENERGY, Christina Gavaleka

2006, Short Film, Filippa, VALENTINE, ITV, Alexander Ho

2006, Short Film, Maria, SMILE, Richard Thomas

2006, Short Film, Katrin, THE OTHER SIDE, Ian Jariyapiroon

2006, Short Film, Jane, FOR HIS LOVING CARE, LFS, Bayu Brasetvo

2016, Commercial, Girl, L'OREAL, Print, L'oreal, William G. Carter

2015, Commercial,The Dancer, DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, (VIDEO-CLIP) Desmida Visual Creations, Alexander Leontaritis

2015, Commercial, Woman, IDEAS, David Jones

2014, Commercial, Girl, WHAT’S UP-COSMOTE (COMMERCIAL FOR TV), Bold Ogilvy, Haris Vafeiadis

2011 Commercial, Presenter, QUIT SMOKING INTERACTIVE VIRAL, 321 Productions, Dimitris Kadis

2008, Commercial, Model, L’OREAL STYLING, L'oreal

2008, Commercial, Girl, SOL BEER

2008, Commercial, Girl, BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS, Poppy de Villeneuve

2007, Commercial, Model,1930's, Ursula Mayer, Chelsea Gallery.

2007, Commercial, Anorexic Girl, ANOREXIA NERVOSA (COMMERCIAL FOR NHS), Miranda Valley Productions, Vivian Choi/Tonny Janna

2007, Commercial, Christina Vavelis, BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS, Poppy deVilleneuve

2006, Commercial, Model, IDEAS, David Jones

2004, Commercial, Model, CHARISMA, Charis Simeonidis

2008, Stage, The Narrator, MAD TIGERS AND BEARS, Tracey Ward, Kirsty Bennett

2008, Stage, Poseidon/Menelaus/Hermes/Helen, PRESS PLAY, Cradeaux Alexander and Mali Purkayastha

2008, Stage, Performer/Actor, MYTH MACHINE, Cradeaux Alexander

2006, Stage, Gilma, SPLENDOUR, Rose Bruford College, Nesta Jones

2006, Stage, Jemma, CIGARETTES AND CHOCOLATE, Rose Bruford College, Tony James

2005, Stage, Hermione, SHAKESPEARE PROJECT, Rose Bruford College, Nesta Jones

2005, Stage, Joan, FAR AWAY, Rose Bruford College, Charlie Hughes D'Aeth

2002, Stage, Juliet, ROMEO AND JULIET, Parathlasi/National Theatre of Northern Greece, Mona Kitsopoulou


Training: MA in Acting, Rose Bruford College, 1 year.